Common questions

Q: What is Ukie Style?
A: Ukie Style is an official LLC company. Our retail store in Dallas and online platform are dedicated to showcasing and celebrating Ukrainian fashion, style, and culture. We offer a curated collection of Ukrainian-inspired clothing, accessories, cultural gifts and home decor items since 2015. 

Q: What kind of products can I find in Ukie Style?
A: At Ukie Style, you can discover a wide range of products that embody Ukrainian aesthetics and craftsmanship. This includes traditional embroidered clothing, modern fashion pieces with Ukrainian motifs, handcrafted accessories, Ukrainian-themed home decor items, and more.

Q: Are the products on Ukie Style authentic and high quality?
A: Absolutely! Ukie Style is committed to offering authentic and high-quality products that represent the essence of Ukrainian style and culture. We work directly with artisans, entrepreneurs and brands in Ukraine who specialize in Ukrainian-inspired creations, ensuring the reliable products quality. 

Q: Where are the items offered by Ukie Style made?

A: There are two categories of products offered by Ukie Style: original Ukrainian-made and Ukrainian-styled supplemental ones customized in Ukie Style workshop in Dallas. All the items are made with love and care. The items made in Ukraine are clearly marked and contain a line “Made in Ukraine“ in the description. Mostly t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, bags, and mugs are represented in Ukie Creations collection. They are customized in the Ukie Style Dallas location. Designs are created by Ukrainian digital artists or by the owner Olena Jacobs. 

Q: What are the shipping and delivery details for Ukie Style?
A: Ukie Style offers both domestic and international shipping options. Shipping costs and delivery times may vary depending on the order value, destination and the specific products ordered. The shipping estimates are provided in business days with the exclusion of weekends and holidays. During the checkout online the most appropriate shipping option is applied automatically. 

Q: Does Ukie Style offer worldwide shipping?
A: Yes, Ukie Style provides worldwide shipping, allowing customers from various locations to enjoy their Ukrainian-inspired products. Shipping options and costs may vary depending on the destination.

Q: Can I find traditional Ukrainian embroidery on Ukie Style?
A: Yes, Ukie Style features a beautiful selection of traditional Ukrainian embroidered clothing and accessories. You can explore intricately embroidered blouses, dresses, and other garments that showcase the rich heritage and artistry of Ukrainian embroidery. 

Q: Is Ukie Style involved in any philanthropic or cultural initiatives?
A: Yes, Ukie Style founder Olena Jacobs is passionate about supporting Ukraine, promoting Ukrainian culture and supporting the community. She is active in Ukrainian community of Dallas as a dancer with Zorya Ukrainian Dancers of Dallas and founding board member of the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Ukrainian Cultural Club of Dallas. Ukie Style as a business was born out of volunteer efforts after Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014. All the profits go to support people of Ukraine always. 

Q: Where is Ukie Style store located?  

A: Ukie Style Embroidery Art store address is 12817 Preston Rd, Ste 124, Dallas, Texas, 75230, USA