Customization services

Customization services including embroidery, heat transfer, substitution are popular ways to personalize clothing, household items or promotional products.


As big admirers of embroidery we are happy to offer this fascinating customization option to you. This is a technique where a design or logo is stitched onto a garment using a special computerized sewing machine. Embroidery is popular for adding logos, monograms or text to items like polo shirts, hats, and jackets. It is a durable method of customization that can withstand multiple washings.
We are looking forward to serving your needs in monogramming, custom names, logos, personalized gifts. 

You're welcome to bring us your own garments, hats, bags, jackets, backpacks, towels, anything that needle can penetrate. We also have various choices of blank items you can choose from to apply your design. 

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To serve you better we also offer high quality heat transfer which is a cost-effective method of customization with wide range of applications. Bring your ideas of custom t-shirts, sweaters or jackets to life with practical and durable HTV or digital print possibilities. 




Customization by sublimation is a popular technique where a design is printed onto a special type of transfer paper using sublimation ink. The transfer paper is then placed onto the garment or item to be customized and heat is applied, causing the ink to transfer from the paper to the material. Sublimation is commonly used to customize items like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and mousepads.

One of the advantages of sublimation customization is that it allows for full-color designs with sharp, clear images. The ink is absorbed into the material rather than sitting on top of it, resulting in a design that is durable and long-lasting. Sublimation is also a good choice for customizing polyester or polymer-coated items, as the ink bonds well with these materials.


One of the most versatile technologies is sublimation. Treat your loved ones to special one-of-a-kind gifts and necessities. Mugs, mousepads, water bottles, clocks, coasters, ornaments, plaques, photo tiles or panels with permanent unique designs may become treasured possessions for your family & friends, or great promo materials for your business.