Adult unisex sweatshirt "Sunflower Ukraine"

The sunflower as a symbol of Ukraine and is commonly associated with the country's agricultural heritage, rich soil, fertile land, and abundance of crops. Additionally, the bright and warm colors of the sunflowers symbolize the warmth and hospitality of the Ukrainian people. The sunflower is also known for its resilience and ability to thrive in harsh conditions, which is a reflection of Ukraine's history and the challenges it has faced.

Wear the "Sunflower Ukraine" top as a celebration of the country's natural beauty, strength and resilience of it's people. 

Digital print of beautiful art by Pollypop92. 

Cotton 50%

Polyester 50%

Measurements for sizes:

Chest, inches Length, inches Sleeve, inches
Small 40 26 33
Medium 44 27 34
Large 48 28 35
XLarge 52 29 36
XXLarge 56 30 37
3XLarge 60 31 38
4XLarge 64 32 39

$37.00 USD

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Color: Black
Size: Small

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